UPDATED — Gavin Newsom just won’t stop moving California closer to being an independent nation.

Proof — Gavin Newsom wants to the first president of California. The new governor of California may not be talking about how he wants California to be independent directly, but a review of statements he has made, and policies he has proposed suggests that he is a huge supporter of a Calexit.

For example, Newsom is one of the most vocal Californians reminding us that we Californians can stand up to an un-elected horrible American president in Donald Trump, because we have already done so before, with the American President of George W Bush.

He has also proposed that California do the two things that are required to become a separate nation, gain international recognition, and create an independent financial system.

On top of that he has repeatedly encouraged California to ignore Federal authority on multiple issues for over a decade, and has of course, publicly referred to California as a “Nation”, and pointed out that it has a “independent spirit”.

And on top of that In the first month that he was in power, Newsom has also created MULTIPLE positions in the California government that only nations typically have, and has asked that California be able to redirect Federal tax money.

…………… TIMELINE …………

APRIL 2019 — Appoints a “states-rights” advocate, who helped create one of the most successful pieces of legislation that caused the California government to disregard Federal laws — as the Director of the agency that regulates all political campaigns in California.

APRIL 2019 — Tells Spanish speaking television that California essentially has its own foreign policy and border policy — independent from America.

FEB 2019 — Converts the second in commend of the CA government, the Lt Governor position into a Secretary of State position, like a foreign nation has.

JAN 2019 — Officially requests the Federal government allow California to redirect Federal tax money. Something that no state has ever been allowed to do before.

JAN 2019 — Creates a Surgeon General position. A position that only nations typically have.

JAN 2019 — Makes it clear that California is being held back by the Federal government in his very first speech. No Governor of California has made the Federal government the enemy in their first speech upon taking office. Also he has no American flags visible when making this speech.

FEB 2018 — Publicly declares a willingness to support California’s continuing refusal to follow Federal law on Immigration

FEB 2018 — Publicly declares he wants to push back against the Federal government.

May 2017 — proposes California create a separate “national bank”

NOV 2016 — Calls California a “Nation State”

NOV 2016 — Said he respects the wishes of Californians who endorse Calexit, but disagrees

NOV 2016 — Talks fondly about when California pushed back against Federal authority with George W Bush, when talking about how California is going to push back against Federal authority under Donald Trump

FEB 2015 — Talked about how California is defined by its “independent spirit”

JAN 2014 — Writes a book talking about how California is held back by Federal regulations on international trade

AUG 2009 — Proposes that the United Nations build a headquarters in California.

FEB 2004 — Directly ignores Federal law on LGBTQ marriage


April 2019

“Gov. Gavin Newsom on Tuesday appointed Richard Miadich as chairman of the state Fair Political Practices Commission, which enforces campaign finance and lobbying laws in California.” Miadich was coauthor of Proposition 64, the 2016 ballot initiative pushed by Newsom that legalized the sale and possession of cannabis for recreational purposes in the state.” “In a 2017 interview with The Times after the initiative’s passage, Miadich predicted the comprehensive regulatory scheme in Proposition 64 would help persuade the federal government not to interfere with California’s new cannabis market.”


Maidich: “Given the strict regulatory structure set forth in Proposition 64, that medical and adult-use regulations are being developed in concert, and that public opinion is squarely on the side of states’ rights on this issue, I think it is impractical for the federal government to reverse course now,”

April 2019

REPORTER: Can California essentially have its own foreign policy … its own border policy? NEWSOM: …we do.

VIDEO of “California’s President”

February 2019

Converts the second in commend of the CA government, the Lt Governor position into a Secretary of State position, like a foreign nation has.

“The executive order creates the International Affairs and Trade Development Interagency Committee under Lt. Governor Kounalakis, a former United States Ambassador, who will serve as Chair of the committee in her new role as the Governor’s International Affairs and Trade Development Representative.”

January 2019

Newsom makes 4 mentions in his FIRST SPEECH AS LEADER OF CALIFORNIA, that the Federal government fights against “California values” and is not functional anymore.

1 “At a time when so much of America is divided, we are united.”
2 “Make no mistake, there are powerful forces arrayed against us. Not just politicians in Washington”
3 “Californians didn’t send us here to bicker or sulk — they get enough of that from Washington.”
4 “So 15 years ago, when I was a new mayor and I heard politicians in Washington sneering at “California values””

He also has only California flags on the stage with him during his first speech as leader of California. All other governors have 1 state flag and 1 American flag behind them when they are sworn in.


January 2019

“Newsom …is asking the Trump administration to let the state create its own single-payer system offering coverage to all Californians — a move almost everyone regards as a very long shot. Experts say there is little chance the Trump administration will give the state the go-ahead on this. Federal permission would also require Congress to support a new waiver system — one that would allow the state to redirect funds that usually go to the federal government, such as Medicare income taxes, to a state funding authority that would manage and pay for a single-payer health care system, Kominski said. Current waiver systems do not allow for this type of financial management by the state. Other states have used existing waiver programs for permission to set prices or to implement additional requirements, but not to collect federal money.”

January 2019

“Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday announced the appointment of a pediatrician as California’s first-ever surgeon general.”

February 2018

“We are not going to be bullied out of standing strong for our sanctuary status.”

From: Gavin Newsom <gavin@gavinnewsom.com> Date: Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 20:03

February 2018

“If Trump is the question, then California is the answer.”

May 2017

“We need an econ that breaks Wall Street’s chokehold on state finance. It’s time to develop our own state bank”

November 2016

“This is a nation state” “That’s why, respectfully, I don’t support walking away,”

Talked about when W Bush was President that California was working to push back and fill in for lack of Federal regulation, and now he is pushing back against Trump.

February 2015

“our state is defined by its independent, outspoken spirit”

January 2014

President Obama in his 2011 state of the Union address, said that Americas trade infrastructure is bloated, in comparison to other nations, America has 12 different agencies that have to be consulted for any trade deal.

“Citizenville” by Gavin Newsom, pg 9

August 2009

Proposes a new United Nations headquarters be established in California.

April 2008

Had a conversation with a reporter about how Non-Nation states, can act like Independent nations in making international coalitions.

“Non-State Actors, Soft Law and Protective Regimes: From the Margins” page 180

February 2004

“Newsom asserted the California Constitution’s equal protection clause gave him authority to grant same-sex marriage licenses. He said he was inspired to allow same-sex marriages after hearing President George Bush describe the need to prevent same-sex marriage, possibly by a federal constitutional amendment, in his State of the Union address.”



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