Trump will win the election in 2020. The 5 reasons why.

Although there are now twelve (twelve!) already-declared candidates opposing Donald Trump in 2020, the nation’s gambling gurus are still heavily favoring him for the win in the next election.


People are seeing that being called a Russian spy, like Trump has been, is very easy to do, and does not require real proof. The accusation is losing its relevance.

The fact that the Mueller investigation has gone on for more than a year and produced no proof that Trump consciously worked with a foreign government is destroying the story-line that Trump is backed by Russia.


Even if the economy falters before the election, if Trump shows that he is a strong moral leader against the fight on terrorism, it won’t matter.

Experts have predicted that the economy will not continue to climb to the 2020 election. They are saying that there will be a recession before the election, which traditionally — is not good for the incumbent who is running for re-election. However, even if a recession — occurs before 2020, it is likely Trump can still swing enough voters to choose him if he stays strong on being seen as a leader against terrorism.

And the ECONOMY MAY NOT FALTER … ensuring his election.


The investigation against Trump, (A) won’t be enough to get him impeached, and (B) BECAUSE OF that — will allow him to claim he was personally attacked, and the Russian investigation was just about destroying his name and hurting his re-election chances.

Trump has said that the investigation of him working with a foreign government is a “witch hunt”, — and if there is no SMOKING GUN at the end of the trial (that conclusively PROVES HE DID what the news says he did) he will be able to convince his followers that his interpretation of events — is more accurate than the media’s interpretation. It appears as though the look into if Trump worked with a foreign government will not prove conclusively that Trump consciously worked with Russia to ruin America.


Two years into the investigation that Trump is a spy, and after he has said so many ignorant things — his popularity is still remaining strong. The fact is his popularity — while low, is still within the range than President’s win re-election. The other fact of American political life — incumbent’s almost always win.

Believe what you want — but it appears that Trump hasn’t lost his base, and IS STILL POPULAR IN AMERICA enough to win re-election. He isn’t that much more unpopular that previous American presidents who also won re-election.


All the experts said that Trump will not win the election in 2020, and they also said he would not win the election in 2016. ALL OF THE EXPERTS WERE WRONG IN 2016 — so why believe these rational people now.

There are a lot of good points to consider when believing that Trump definitely will lose the election in 2020. Consider this though, there were many good reasons to believe Trump would not win in 2016. Trump defied the odds, and showed that all of the experts were missing things when they came to their universal conclusion. How do we know, the experts have figured out what they missed, and are seeing things correctly now?



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Marcus Ruiz Evans

Marcus Ruiz Evans


President Yes California/ Calexit movement. Interviewed by Politico, New York Times, FOX, WashPost, LA Times, LA Weekly, Sac Bee, Daily Show w/TN, Mother Jones