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6 min readFeb 11, 2020


David Gregory Feb 2020

(note: Each organization is completely independent from every other organization. They only have a similar goal.)

Recently I was asked some questions about the California Independence movement CIM by a long-time supporter of the cause, the question was “what is the California Independence movement doing right now to move the ball forward?” This was a question that I really did not have a solid answer for, I simply did as I typically do, I directed him to five different groups. I quickly received a return message asking which group he should join and why, and again I was left in a position to try to not only explain the different groups, their missions, and even some of the conflicts between them. After about 15 minutes of messaging I lost this person who decided that not only does the independent movement not have its ducks in a row, they were not even occupying the same pond.

I often find myself using generic quotes from famous activists like Gandhi who said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”, while this quote obviously fits the movements narrative, it does little towards creating an actual path for our followers to walk down. It is simply a one size fits all quote, and in reality if we all take an individual approach and be the individual change we yearn to see we will end up with hundreds of groups all working toward different goals, which may appear similar to the rest while being vastly different in ideals. So, in the name of unity and simplicity I have decided to write this to explain the main groups within the movement and the functions they serve. The first group I will look at a group who is comprised of veterans of the movement, grassroots activists, and the heart of the movement’s street presence, this groups name is Independent California.



Independent California was established in 2018 and has made its presence known by being active on the ground.

This group of activists have been known to go as far as protest the ICE director’s residence causing them to relocate! The creative techniques employed by this group is a testament to human creativity and passion. An example would be the use of hired mariachi performers to play at that ICE directors’ residence.

If you are looking to join a group who will be on the streets, in the face of the opposition, this group is for you! Independent California provides those activists who want to get their hands dirty at the street level a great outlet to do such.

Independent California’s executive is a man who has made a name for himself within the movement with his fearless approach towards activism, his name is Shankar Singam. If the name sounds familiar to you it may be because Shankar has appeared on national television programming during the prime-time slot, he has even gone as far as to debate Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

If you are fearless, passionate, and feel that activism is best performed at the street level, this is your group.


If you are not the protest kind of activist have no fear, the California Independence movement has many options available to fit your specific activism aspirations.

The California Independence movement realizes that having such lofty aspirations means we need many different types of activists who serve many different functions. Every activist can find a home here doing whatever job fits their unique skill set. If your goal is the creation of a nation state for California, you have a place to get started.



Let’s say that your more of the cross the t’s and dot the i’s type of personality, well I have the perfect group for you! The California Freedom Coalition is a political non-profit organization who is working towards independence, both in the literal sense of the word and the political sense of the word as well.

The CFC has proven itself to be extremely valuable with its ability to raise funds, lobby politicians, and provide charitable donations for the citizens of California. The California Freedom Coalition was there during the aftermath of the horrible Campfire that destroyed Paradise California in 2018 providing both gift cards and conversation to the evacuees.

If you are looking to capitalize on your abilities to organize, lobby, and file the papers needed to run a bureaucracy, look no further! The organization is headed by Steve Gonzales


If grinding away at a keyboard is not for you and going face to face against the alt-right seems a little too extreme for you then check out The California National Party.



The CNP is the actual political party within the movement, this means you can register with a secession supporting political party in California right now! While the most important thing you can do for this group would registering to vote by writing California National Party in where it says party preference there are other ways to participate in this group at the activist level.

The CNP has been around longer than the other groups and has gained a lot of wisdom as far as the successes and failures are concerned. This experience is important, and all the groups would benefit by learning from that wisdom.

The CNP has a large and active online presence and they can be found easily on Facebook making them an ideal outlet if you were into voter registration drives or building a political party. Political science majors, people with campaign or legislative experience, and attorneys are all encouraged to investigate joining the ranks of the CNP.

Even if you are not that active or don’t have the time to engage physically the CNP offers a way to express your desire for independence in the most democratic way possible, by your vote!

While I encourage everyone to register for the CNP regardless of your group affiliations the California Independence Movement acknowledges the diversity of our people. With that great diversity comes a deep and rich talent pool we get to draw from.



If you are the talented, driven, artistic type who excels at media, marketing, acting, or you just have a hell of a stage presence I encourage you to investigate Yes California.

Yes California is probably the best known of the independence groups which is why encourage those media savvy folks to direct their attention here. Yes California is headed by Marcus Evans and has been working since 2016 towards secession.

This group has been the most successful in its messaging campaign and its leadership is very comfortable in front of the camera. I consider this the PR wing of the movement and in the modern age a vital component to the movement. If you can give a mean speech or even write one, if you can give a thought-provoking interview, or if you can make a beautiful political video then please check out Yes California! This part of the movement is the part where you get your shine on or work to develop someone else’s shine! Yes California has a large online presence online.


As you can see, the CIM is a multifaceted movement who can capitalize on wide ranging needs that a political movement will face. Coordination between these groups can easily transform an aspiring group of like-minded individuals into a political powerhouse.

If one of these groups sounds perfect to you, I encourage you to investigate further and if so inclined join us in building a better future for our children.



Marcus Ruiz Evans

President Yes California/ Calexit movement. Interviewed by Politico, New York Times, FOX, WashPost, LA Times, LA Weekly, Sac Bee, Daily Show w/TN, Mother Jones