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Conservative state independence movements from around America have come together to form a new partnership to push for states’ rights. The primary focus here is on California.

4 different conservative independence movements from red-state America have teamed up with a progressive independence movement from California to push for states’ rights. Red-State Secession (Midwest), Palmetto State Independence (South Carolina), Dakota Exit (North Dakota), Liberty Block (New Hampshire), and Calexit (California) announce publicly that they are making a group effort to work together to prove one point — conservatives in America would let California go if California voted for secession.

The group believes that if states consented to California leaving America, the secession of California might cause the United States to become less polarized and more free by:
• Forcing the Federal government to recognize that states can leave America, and therefore putting Federal politicians on notice that they can’t push their laws on the states as harshly as they have done in the past.
• Making the Federal Congress less inefficient by removing the “crazy” California’s Congressional delegation from participating in policy-making.

“California leaving would prove the point, that is why my goal is for California to secedeMike from Palmetto State Independence said.

They strongly believe that California needs to leave America to keep the nation from devolving into violent civil war:
“We all know America is not working anymore and it is not getting better. So we need to talk about reducing the pressure by allowing peaceful nullification and secession! BEFORE IT GETS REALLY UGLY the group said in a joint statement.

A randomized scientific survey by of 137,000 Americans found that only 35% believe that the nation is headed in the right direction.

The group points to a recent New York Times article that said State legislatures are more polarized than they have been in over 100 years. They also noted that Politico magazine said in 2017 that America is more divided along party lines than ever, and that wrote an article around the same time showing that Americans are “self-segregating” into like-minded communities, driving the polarization even further. In addition, demographic experts have independently said America is only going to get more divided between urban liberals and rural conservatives.

Speaking to Californians, founder of Liberty Block (a pro-freedom publication in New Hampshire), Elliot Axelman had this to say about why he supports Calexit Not everyone in ‘America’ is ‘just like you’. Other than the few million Americans in the large cities, nearly every American is actually pretty much your complete opposite. And we don’t want you in California bending America to your California Values”

The group is not alone in this line of thought. They join at least 11 other known conservative pundits who have already called for California to leave if it desires because they think it would “Make America Great Again” by making it more efficient (John Stossel, Wayne Allyn Root, Graham Ledger, Michael Malice, Justin Murray, Dr. Tom Woods, Col. Kurt Schlichter, Daniel J Mitchell, Daniel Horowitz, Jesse Kelly, and Timothy Philen). The group maintains a list of dozens of prominent authors and politicians who have advocated for the secession of a US state, available here.

Founder of the Calexit movement Marcus Ruiz Evans says that California would vote for a Calexit today — if they felt they could attain the support of the other States. “The number one reason we don’t have more support for California independence is that Californians believe red states would never let them leave, meaning that we could not achieve secession. Calexit aims to prove that fellow Californians ARE WRONG on that.” He aims to prove this point to fellow Californians by working with conservative/pro-freedom organizations to run polls and surveys showing that red-state conservatives would gladly allow California to “Calexit.”

29 out of 50 state legislatures are totally controlled by Republicans today according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. According to the only Supreme Court case on secession, Texas v White, a state can leave legally if it has “consent of the states.

So far, the group has run several surveys of conservatives or individuals in different regions of America on social media. They plan on running more and larger surveys and enlisting more independence organizations in other states to run surveys.

Palmetto State Independence — asked a question in a post with over 30,000 views, (primarily in the south) which showed that 96% of conservative Southerners support Calexit.

The Liberty Block — New Hampshire ran a poll among North Eastern conservatives, seen by 1,500 people, which showed 90% support Calexit.

Red State Secession ran a poll seen by 36,116 people which showed 88% of people in the Mid-west support Calexit.

Dakxit already said their group supports a Calexit and plans to run a poll soon of the Mid-west and Rockies. He expects to get similar results. “The goal is to get the media to pay attention to what we in red-state America already know — no one here is going to oppose California leaving if that is what they want,” said Kent, founder of Dakxit. Dakxit said publicly already Yes, let them go”.



Liberty Block


Red State Secession

Palmetto State Independence

Yes California

UPDATE — NEWS COVERS PR (June 24 2019)

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President Yes California/ Calexit movement. Interviewed by Politico, New York Times, FOX, WashPost, LA Times, LA Weekly, Sac Bee, Daily Show w/TN, Mother Jones

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