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Conservative state coalition pushing for California to leave America — has achieved massive growth. They have doubled in size in just one month. Plus, group is joined now by Presidential candidate and Senate candidate who say an America without California would work better.

One month ago 4 different conservative independence movements from Red-state America teamed up to promote a simple message; that an America freed from California would have a Congress what would work more efficiently, and a Federal administration that believed in State’s Rights.

Organizations have been advocating on their social media platforms in the states of Illinois, Indiana, North Dakota, South Carolina, New Hampshire, and Arizona, that citizens in their state should not stand in the way of a Calexit — if Californians ever vote for it. In just a few weeks since founding, the coalition has doubled in size. The small but dynamic group is now joined by people in the states of Oklahoma, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming, who have pledged to promote the same idea among citizens of their states.

The Liberty Block said“Those of us who have already asked this question in our home state, are helping the others to phrase the question so it fits the sentiment of the personality of their state — but the question is still the same for everyone; would you really mind if California left, or do you think it would make America great again by making America STATES again”

The coalition now has representatives in 11 states, and holds weekly conference calls to help other members fine tune their message to fellow citizens in their state — every Tuesday at 5:30 Pacific. The goal is to have 20 states with social media pages advocating for an America without a California.

Michael from South Carolina reported that the sales pitch to join the coalition is very easy “It’s like asking people if they would pose a survey question in their community, asking if people like Chocolate. Everyone is telling me the answer is already YES.” Mike’s story became the main inspiration for others in the group to develop a message tailored for their state, when his South Carolina group grew to 60 members within days after one facebook post that gained 30,000 views, asking fellow Southerners if they would be greatly upset if California left the Union. Of course, the large majority of respondents said that they would be thrilled to see California leave the union.

Perhaps due to their rapid growth and large reach on social media(which is already in the 100,000s), some politicians are starting to come around that the group may have picked up a message that Americans are ready to hear. They have received endorsements of their concept by Libertarian candidate for President Adam Kokesh, and Senate Candidate in South Carolina David Weikle. Additionally, the group has noticed that main stream conservative media is now beginning to pick up the same talking points, in addition to major news sites on the left. “I think if Republicans keep winning elections with a minority vote, we’ll see states like California discuss this.

Among the catalysts for the Calexit Coalition’s growth was an article that covered them in an Oregon newspaper and the second was the groups’ support of Conservatives in Oregon who are requesting to split the state between the conservative/red interior and the liberal/blue coastal area.

Members of the group wrote a story explaining how the conservatives in Oregon were right in their desire to “peacefully divorce” from coastal urban liberals who dominate the policies of that state. That article got 50,000 views and made everyone in ‘Red Oregon’ aware that there was a coalition of states that believe the time is right for conservatives and liberals to split — in order to reduce the incredible divisiveness and increase in violence related to political discussions that seems to be on the rise in America. One Oregon conservative had this to say about the groups’ efforts; “Thank you for writing an article that is actually newsworthy. Most our news in Oregon is so liberal they don’t report the real issue”.


After a protest in Oregon between rural conservatives and urban liberals turned violent the coalition determined that they should consider making a second public declaration. “The coalition of Red States and conservative parts of Blue states has decided to officially endorse the peaceful movement of state borders as necessary to maintain a peaceful, harmonious, and civil society.” In order to reduce the tension in America, progressive states should be allowed to leave an America where a majority of the states are conservative, and conservative areas within far-left states should seek independence within their state, by shifting a border to join a neighboring state or by simply seceding and forming a new state.

The group points out they don’t mean that all states where there are differences between Left and Right should split but only where the situation is “egregiously undemocratic” such as; Oregon, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, and Colorado, where one major urban (liberal) area dictates terms for an overwhelming majority of the land mass of the state that is conservative.

Supporters for “intra-state” secession that are already part of this coalition are ‘Red New York’ (the whole state besides NYC and Nassau and Westchester Counties), ‘Red Illinois’ (the whole state besides northeast), and ‘Red Pennsylvania’ (the whole state outside of the Philadelphia metro area).

The group is deeply concerned by what seems to be the normalization of violence between conservative and progressive voters whenever politics is discussed.

This country, rightfully, is very tuned to knowing…when the right goes too far…I wonder if this country though is also attuned to when the left can go too far. — Andy Ngo

“The defense also called to the stand Dwayne Dixon, who said he was a member of Redneck Revolt, a national network of militant anti-fascist, anti-racist groups, and he was armed with an AR-15 assault rifle. He claimed in an earlier social media post that he had scared Fields away from a park where counter-protesters had gathered about an hour before Fields plowed his car into the crowd.

The group believes if states consented to California leaving America, the secession of California might cause the United States to become less polarized and more free by:
• Forcing the Federal government to recognize that states can leave America, and therefore putting Federal politicians on notice that they can’t push their laws on the states as harshly as they have done in the past.
• Making the Federal Congress less inefficient by removing the “crazy” California’s Congressional delegation from participating in policy-making.

They point to the recent discussion on internet privacy as pushed from California as a perfect example of the dis-function of America they want to avoid. “Lawmakers who brought California’s proposal to their home states “ran into questions about how has this law played out in California, and there weren’t answers on that,” “It’s not totally a great model to use in other states,”

To further push that concept of a “USA without a CA”, they have released their new collectively designed memes / graphicsWall off Commiefornia” and “time to bailout and move to America



President Yes California/ Calexit movement. Interviewed by Politico, New York Times, FOX, WashPost, LA Times, LA Weekly, Sac Bee, Daily Show w/TN, Mother Jones

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Marcus Ruiz Evans

President Yes California/ Calexit movement. Interviewed by Politico, New York Times, FOX, WashPost, LA Times, LA Weekly, Sac Bee, Daily Show w/TN, Mother Jones