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STEP 1 — America votes for California to leave

— Rasmussen polling, March 2017 — showed 41% of Americans were not bothered by California leaving America.
— Fox news polling, October 2014 — showed 52% of Americans were not bothered by “Kicking California out of the Union”
— Business Insider, August 2013 — showed Americans wanted to see Texas and California “kicked out of the country”
These polls all happened before California challenged the American government on sanctuary status!

The Dean of the UC Berkeley and UC Irvine school of law admits that simple majority of Congress (51%) could vote for California to secede legally. Californians would not have to get 2/3rds of Congress to approve — as with a constitutional amendment.
“In theory, because it was a majority vote of Congress to admit California, in theory a majority vote of Congress could approve secession.”
Erwin Chemerinsky, founding dean UC Irvine Law school

STEP 2 — Californians are shocked and extremely offended that a majority of Americans outside of California have (in a public way) said that they don’t like California.

Californians think they are the best part of America and frankly better than most of America and will be angry that people who they view as lesser than them — want to exclude them.
Calexit uses this sentiment to file an initiative — that will ask voters to decide if they want to be part of America.
(California initiative law and three California Attorney Generals have said this is legal on past initiatives that asked the same question)

STEP 3 — Californians vote to secede. The California government has to respect the will of the voters and petition Congress to let California leave.
Given that Congress already permitted this — the moment the California Congressional delegation says they are willing to accept this vote — California is independent.

— 47.5% of Californians are willing to discuss secession according to Reuters Ipsos poll taken in January 2017
— Given that Californians think America hates them — support for secession goes above 50 PERCENT. — Additionally, it is possible that the support for Calexit was actually 56.3%.
— Texas V White, is the only Supreme Court decision on Secession — and it says you can secede if you have “consent of the states” which California already has.

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STEP 4 — California asks for international recognition as a nation

— Politico magazine –November 2017 called “Jerry Brown President of the Independent Republic of California” — because so many nations have meet California officials and signed treaties on Climate Change, that it appears the California already has world recognition almost as a “separate nation already”
— World Econ Forum said it appears California is a separate nation from America


From: Marcus Ruiz Evans <>
Date: Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 11:32 AM
Subject: Re: About Reuters/Ipsos poll: 32% of CA — could I see “don’t know” %
To: Erin Morris <>

Thank you for the quick response

It’s fascinating to know that the well-publicized poll in the news that 32% of Californians support Independence ALSO shows that 47.5% are at least not directly opposed to Independence..they “don’t know” if they are against it.

On Mar 2, 2017 6:46 AM, “Erin Morris” <> wrote:
Marcus, Chris Jackson forwarded me your question about the ‘don’t know’ percent from our California data. I’ve copied that below. Let me know if you need anything else!

Don’t know — 15.5%


Erin Morris
Ipsos Public Affairs

2020 K St., NW Suite 410, Washington DC 20006
Direct: 202.420.2026 | Mobile: 202.394.0923 | |

It’s possible that 56.3% of CA was for secession

Yet Reuters’ own tool shows that only 15% of the Californians polled in a January 2017 CALEXIT poll were Hispanic. Actually, Hispanics were 39% of California as of 2017.

Only 35% of Hispanic Californians in that poll were opposed to CALEXIT (California independence from the USA) but 41.3% were in favor and 24% expressed no opinion.

*********If Hispanics had been properly represented in the poll, only 43.6% of Californians polled would have opposed CALEXIT, and fully 33.3% would have been in favor. 23% would not have given an opinion. [THAT MEANS 56.3% OR A MAJORITY OF CALIFORNIA WOULD BE FOR SECESSION]****

The reliance of pollsters on land lines means that the kind of people who have land lines are over-represented in polls. These are people who move less often and older people. Since poll data shows that younger and less wealthy people are more likely to favor secession, this means that the true percentage of Californians who oppose CALEXIT is probably significantly lower than polls show, even within each race.

In this poll, the percentage of each group opposed to CALEXIT were: Black 39.7%, Asian 46.4%, other races 9.1%, White 55.5%, Hispanic 35.1%, and those who declined to give their race 37.1%.

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President Yes California/ Calexit movement. Interviewed by Politico, New York Times, FOX, WashPost, LA Times, LA Weekly, Sac Bee, Daily Show w/TN, Mother Jones

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