History of China and California

Major New development in the history of relations between California and China happened in 2015.

New York based academic researchers worked with California academic researchers to release a report entitled: “A vital partnership: California and China collaborating on Clean Energy and Combating Climate Change”. This report says that California has acted like a nation working with another nation; China, to create enormous positive changes for making the world cleaner.

Take a look at the chart below that shows 14 different areas of partnership between China and California.

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2014 — California experiences massive explosion in tourists from China, and huge influx of foreign money into the economy. Analysts say that Chinese visitors to California spend “more than visitors from any other country, according to data from the U.S. Office of Travel and Tourism Industries.”

2013 — Governor Jerry Brown negotiates a deal with the Chinese Government in Beijing to have China invest in infrastructure in downtown Oakland to create 10,000 new jobs in California. This is his first official trip abroad since becoming governor a second time.

2013 — Governor Jerry Brown opens California trade office in California, since it was closed in 2003. Multiple economic deals between California and Chinese companies have already been signed. The office will be located in the Yangpu District in Shanghai.

2012 — Then Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping — who later became premier travels to Los Angeles and meets Governor Brown over a Los Angeles Lakers game.

2012 — China becomes the number one source of foreign visitors to California

2012 — China is now the 2nd largest receiver of California export goods

2011 — Governor Brown takes office, and begins consulting with America and Chinese business contacts (including Jack Ma) about seeking out Chinese investment in California

2011- California has formalized 156 deals with Chinese authorities over the last decade, more than any other state in America.

2010 — Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger visits China on a trade mission and meets with Jack Ma

2009 — Los Angeles area conducts first analysis of how the LA economy is linked to China and how they can “Grow Together”, predicting “Exports from Los Angeles County could ultimately be the prime beneficiary of a surge in Chinese consumer spending.”

2006 — Bay Area conducts first analysis of how the Bay Area is linked to China, the “Ties that bind” and how this very old relationship can grow. The report stated: “While China will remain a sometimes controversial topic in Washington, states, regions, and private companies tend to see China pragmatically.
More than most, the Bay Area has shown an affinity and openness to China.

2005 — Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger visits China on a trade mission and told “ the Chinese people that they can be California by buying California, buy California-grown fruits and vegetables”. The governors trip resulted in China temporarily lifted a ban on imported strawberries during the Olympics games in China, allowed California plums to be imported permanently, and made a maintenance agreement between Air China and the SF Airport.

2003 — California closes its foreign trade office in China along with 12 other foreign trade offices. The trade office in China had been there since 1989

2000 — China normalizes trade relations with America, analysts predict that the California economy will grow dramatically due to trade with China. California is able to sell citrus fruit to China for the first time since WWII, analysts predict “California agricultural exports to China can only go up”

2000 — China is the 11th largest receiver of California export goods. (source above)

1997 — Chinese President Jiang Zemin travels to Los Angeles and meets Governor Wilson to talk about trade promotion. The two also meet in Asia when Wilson traveled there earlier in the year

1994 — Federal government sends trade delegation to China since placing China on “most favored nation” trading status — a major move to opening up trade with China. Nearly half of the representatives on this Federal trade mission are from California alone. The California companies are looking to sell computers, create a joint energy project, and seek Chinese investment in an infrastructure project

1989 — Governor Jerry Brown (while not governor) announces “We want to get into China,” and travels to China to help secure an agreement between a Chinese and California company.

1989 — Governor George Deukmejian opens first California trade office with access to China, in Hong Kong, right before the British handover of power to the Chinese to show faith in future trade relationships.

1984 — Olympics are held in Los Angeles. China competes in the international Olympic games for the first time since 1932. A Californian, Peter Ueberroth who helped organized the LA Olympics was the main force in convincing China to come to the 1984 Olympics despite the Soviet Union protesting the games

1980 — Mayor of San Francisco Dianne Feinstein and future Chinese President Jiang Zemin start a sister city program between San Francisco and Shanghai

1977 — Governor Jerry Brown during a trip to Japan, [suggested making a trip to China, but the idea didn’t work out

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President Yes California/ Calexit movement. Interviewed by Politico, New York Times, FOX, WashPost, LA Times, LA Weekly, Sac Bee, Daily Show w/TN, Mother Jones

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