Republicans have hated on California for years, and Trump made it very popular the last few years among his followers, but the first time ever — it appears mainstream/ left newspapers are picking up the talking points.

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Oct 2019, hate against California GOES MAINSTREAM

California was always hated on by Republicans for many years, and with Trump it has become the number one target of America conservatives to receive hate. We in California knew that and some welcomed it — we were glad to be the opposite of what we viewed is now a party dedicated to hate and discrimination.

So when over the last year conservative news (WSJ, WSJ, Dallas, FOX, FOX, Breitbart, National Review) said that California is horrible and “get out now” we ignored it.

But something interesting and historic has happened in just the last few weeks, starting roughly in this month of October 2019. Left wing, or mainstream — not specifically hard core conservative news sites are spreading just has much hate and fear mongering on CA.

The NYT, a hard core liberal paper, the Atlantic another liberal site, Bloomberg, another liberal site, and a famous Youtube star who was there at Occupy Wall Street, and a international magazine that opposed the Iraq war, have all picked up traditional republican talking points and launched them all at the same time — during October 2019. THIS IS SOMETHING NEW

It is so bad that both of our major papers have had to comment on this shift — from Right to mainstream opinion that California hating is the thing to do now

We are done. We are history. Pack up and leave now, while you still can. LA TIMES

Everywhere you look, national media outlets can’t seem to stop publishing think pieces announcing the death of California. It was a good run, apparently, but now it’s all over. SF CHRONICLE

To be honest — all of the issues that these conservative and mainstream news organizations highlight are real issues:

Why these articles are about hate, instead of just reporting the news is proven by two actions all of these news pieces take:

Here the facts they all leave out (conveniently)

None of this is brought up.

When you add these facts — looks like we are doing poorly because of our association with America. Why aren’t these facts ever mentioned by conservative and now mainstream (non Californian) news agencies. BECAUSE THEY WANT TO PUSH THE NARRATIVE THAT WE ARE HORRIBLE HERE — and these facts muddy that narrative and make it clear California survives despite being part of America.

Written by

President Yes California/ Calexit movement. Interviewed by Politico, New York Times, FOX, WashPost, LA Times, LA Weekly, Sac Bee, Daily Show w/TN, Mother Jones

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