This is the second time a hate crime against California has been done recently. And a definite pattern is emerging.

I already explained that in July 2019, a man traveled from Nevada to California with the intent to kill mass amounts of Californians.

Now in September 2019 (2 months later) another man from an American state outside of California, traveled into California with the intent to kill mass amounts of Californians.

BOTH attackers: Santino William Legan (July 2019) & Freddie Owen Graham (September 2019)

1. Were originally from California (Gilroy, Milpitas)
2. Moved out of CA and lived in a conservative state for a while (Walker Lake Nevada, Lone Jack Missouri)
3. Lived on the rural edge of a big city that has been flooded with Californians and votes liberal in contrast to the rest of the area (Carson City Nevada, Kansas City Kansas)
4. That state, area is know for hate to Californians ( link and below)
5. Traveled back to where they were from in California to cause mass casualties. (Gilroy, Milpitas foothills)
6. Were lonely before attack

You need to grasp the concept of a “self hating Jew” to understand what is happening to California by former Californians. I am not commenting on the history of the term or its usage — I am simply pointing out that people have documented that groups with an identity can come to hate that identity because all of the people around them also hate that identity. So they in order to be accepted by their peers (Maslow hierarchy of needs) also begin to hate the group publicly — that secretly they are (were) part of — and to gain acceptance they being to act against their former group in hopes of being accepted by the new group.

I witnessed this perverse belief and behavior in Texas, when i went to visit my Mexican relatives. In order to gain acceptance in West Texas, which is very racist — they (although being Mexican) would routinely talk down about all of the Mexicans in town, especially if there was a White person withing hearing range of them. My family from California (who left Texas because of racism against Latinos) called these other Texas family who did this “Blanquitos” (literal translation is “little white person”).

According to Lewin, a self-hating Jew “will dislike everything specifically Jewish, for he will see in it that which keeps him away from the majority for which he is longing.

Such studies “frequently cite Lewin as evidence that people may attempt to distance themselves from membership in devalued groups because they accept, to some degree, the negative evaluations of their group held by the majority and because these social identities are an obstacle to the pursuit of social status.”

Kenneth Levin, a Harvard psychiatrist, says that Jewish self-hatred has two causes: Stockholm syndrome, where “population segments under chronic siege commonly embrace the indictments of their besiegers however bigoted and outrageous” SOURCE

Hitler Jewish and wanted to destroy Jews.

2005 — News reports that many Californians are moving to Kansas City.

2014 — Californian documents that there is a lot of hate from people from Kansas city on webpage about Californians traveling to city.

Moving to Missouri from California (Kansas City, St. Louis: Wow, the hate on this thread is disappointing. For the record, I lived the first 44 years of my life in California, and I’m damned proud of my home state. It’s the most vibrant, progressive, forward thinking state in the country, and the comments here absolutely reek of ignorance and conservative intolerance for anything not about “guns and God.” I also relocated to Kansas City not because there was anything wrong with California but because my wife and I have lots of family here. There are great people, great lifestyles and great opportunities to be found in both places. So can we dial back the hate, please?

2018 — Californian documents that Kansas City hates Californians.
If you go to Austin, New Orleans, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and Denver — to name just a few — you can easily find folks transplanted from other cities and states. You can also easily find a band of locals bemoaning, specifically, the “f***ing Californians”only large quantities of “foreign” people moving into one area typically disrupt culture and incite hatred like that.

President Yes California/ Calexit movement. Interviewed by Politico, New York Times, FOX, WashPost, LA Times, LA Weekly, Sac Bee, Daily Show w/TN, Mother Jones

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