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Adelanto (“advancement”) DEATH CAMP run by America in our California

Does that sound sensational — well let us take a look at the facts. I did a quick review of the Federal government Dept of Homeland Security review of the Adelanto ICE Detention facility in 2018 and compared it to academic reviews of the Nazi death camps in Germany from 1933–1945.

In both situations:

  1. The guards encouraged the detainees to commit suicide.

“One detainee told us, “I’ve seen a few attempted suicides using the braided sheets by the vents and then the guards laugh at them and call them ‘suicide failures’” “ICE has not taken seriously the recurring problem of detainees hanging bedsheet nooses at the Adelanto Center. In March 2017, a 32-year old male died at an area hospital after being found hanging from his bed sheets in an Adelanto cell. In total, these reports represent at least seven suicide attempts at the Adelanto Center from December 2016 to October 2017.” (page 3) — Dept. of Homeland Security of America 2018.

“Living conditions in concentration camps were harsh and often inhumane, leading many prisoners to commit suicide.” “Most of the suicides were committed in the first years of imprisonment, and the method of suicide most commonly used was hanging,” “In the early months of the Third Reich, camp guards often encouraged prisoners to kill themselves” — NAZI Germany 1933–1939.

“During our visit to the Adelanto Center, there were 14 detainees in disciplinary segregation. Through our file review, we found that the Adelanto Center inappropriately placed all 14 detainees in disciplinary segregation before they were found guilty of a prohibited act or rule violation.” Dept. of Homeland Security of America 2018.

“At the same time, they were governed by an extensive set of regulations, which covered everything from their layout (including decorative flower beds) to the whipping of prisoners, which in theory had to be approved on a case-by-case basis by Himmler personally. Yet these regulations were often ignored by the camp S.S. — physical violence, for instance, was endemic, and the idea that a guard would have to ask permission before beating or even killing a prisoner was laughable. Strangely, however, it was possible, in the prewar years, at least, for a guard to be prosecuted for such a killing.” “This game of hide-and-seek with the rules, this combination of hyper-regimentation and anarchy, is what makes Kafka’s “The Trial” seem to foretell the Nazi regime.”NAZI Germany 1933–1939.

For example, we observed two doctors walking through disciplinary segregation and stamping their name on the detainee records, which hang outside each detainee’s cell, indicating that they visited with the detainee. However, we observed them doing so without having any contact with 10 of the 14 detainees in disciplinary segregation. For the four detainees a doctor did speak with, the doctor asked if the detainee was “ok” in English, not necessarily a language the detainee understood. We confirmed with guards that these four detainees were non-English speakers, and the doctor left without any acknowledgment or response from the detainee. Further, ICE’s detainee death reviews for three Adelanto Center detainees who have died since fiscal year 2015 also cited medical care deficiencies related to providing necessary and adequate care in a timely manner.” — Dept. of Homeland Security of America 2018.

Everything was done with an appearance of medical rigor. The doctors filled out a form for each inmate, with headings for “Diagnosis” and “Incurable Physical Ailments.” But it was all mere theatre. Helm’s description of the visit of Dr. Friedrich Mennecke to Ravensbrück, in November, 1941, shows that inspections of prisoners — whom he referred to in letters home as “forms” or “portions” — were cursory at best, with the victims parading naked in front of the doctors at a distance of twenty feet.NAZI Germany 1933–1939.

Written by

President Yes California/ Calexit movement. Interviewed by Politico, New York Times, FOX, WashPost, LA Times, LA Weekly, Sac Bee, Daily Show w/TN, Mother Jones

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