November 2 / 8pm California time

SPONSOR: Citizens for American Liberation — Political Action Committee CAL-PAC

GUESTS: (Secession leaders from) California National Party, Cascadia Bio-region, Yes California Calexit, Independent California, Baja Independencia (MIBC), Alberta separatists, South Carolina secession (Palmetto State Independence), in addition to: Brexit campaign manager Christian Egglishaw … and Libertarian presidential candidate Adam Kokesh.

With media coverage by “The Wasatch Report” , “Liberty Block” and “Weaponized News”



Joe Payne — Executive Director “Citizens for American Liberation” CAL-PAC 805.500.6196

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Map showing connected air corridor from Vancouver to Eugene Oregon + air corridor from Redding to Ensenada. Also easy Transportation access north and south but blocked by easy transportation over the Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges.

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David Gregory Feb 2020

(note: Each organization is completely independent from every other organization. They only have a similar goal.)

Recently I was asked some questions about the California Independence movement CIM by a long-time supporter of the cause, the question was “what is the California Independence movement doing right now to move the ball forward?” This was a question that I really did not have a solid answer for, I simply did as I typically do, I directed him to five different groups. I quickly received a return message asking which group he should join and why, and…

We also lose money funding the military.

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California lost $14 billion last year in Federal Income taxes that we received NO SERVICES for.

“We described the difference as the balance of payments. For example, California’s balance of payments is -$13.7 billion. This means California residents get less in return than they pay for.”


  • 1995 negative $4,650,091,000
  • 1996 $7,120,825,000.00
  • 1997 $16,307,158,000.00
  • 1998 $36,917,957,000.00
  • 1999 $50,666,031,000
  • 2000 $82,850,309,000
  • 2001 $76,356,059,000
  • 2002 $25,900,672,000
  • 2003 $7,904,714,000
  • 2004 $5,544,491,000.00
  • 2005 $28,200,503,902.17
  • 2006 $47,258,363,492.23
  • 2007 $54,987,543,325.05
  • 2008 $33,229,162,439.61
  • 2009 negative $74,084,999,528
  • 2010 negative $74,812,072,028
  • 2011 negative 74,796,117,800
  • 2012 negative…

A review of how California voted from 2008 — through elections in 2016 and 2018, with an overlap of the location of racist incidents in the last 2 years (below) and location of known white supremacy organizations in California.

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Nation of California lasted for a decade — before Americans ever showed up.

California “Lone Star” Republic Flag 1836 — Pio Pico and Mariijano Vallejo the governors of North and South — but took action that CA be more independent. Years before the Bear Flag revolt.

In 1836, Juan Alvarado vowed to gain increased autonomy for California from Mexican rule with either “bullets or words.” He hoisted this white flag with a single, centered, red five-pointed star at Monterey. ( Click here for more on the significance of the red star )”

“In 1834, Alvarado had been elected to the…

Stanford University and Reuters did a survey on support for secession. Both surveys showed around 1/3 of California supported the idea, and around 46 to 47.5% said they were not against discussing secession. However, both surveys under counted Latinos by 50% of their actual population in California. When we correctly count the percent of the Latino California 2017 population — support for secession rises from 1/3 to 1/2 of California (50.7% and 50% not opposed to Calexit from previous estimations of 27–32%). …

A review of recent academic studies and professional commentary

Recently there has been much discussion in the news about California and its Air Quality standards. Does it have the right to set its own emissions standards independent from the Federal government? Does it have the right to establish its own insurance standards? This follows on California appearing to set its own drug enforcement policies with allowing legalized Cannabis. Which follows on California seeming to establish its own immigration policy with a proposal to not work with Federal authorities on immigration. …

Marcus Ruiz Evans

President Yes California/ Calexit movement. Interviewed by Politico, New York Times, FOX, WashPost, LA Times, LA Weekly, Sac Bee, Daily Show w/TN, Mother Jones

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