November 2 / 8pm California time

SPONSOR: Citizens for American Liberation — Political Action Committee CAL-PAC

GUESTS: (Secession leaders from) California National Party, Cascadia Bio-region, Yes California Calexit, Independent California, Baja Independencia (MIBC), Alberta separatists, South Carolina secession (Palmetto State Independence), in addition to: Brexit campaign manager Christian Egglishaw … and Libertarian presidential candidate Adam Kokesh.

With media coverage by “The Wasatch Report” , “Liberty Block” and “Weaponized News”



Joe Payne — Executive Director “Citizens for American Liberation” CAL-PAC 805.500.6196

Map showing connected air corridor from Vancouver to Eugene Oregon + air corridor from Redding to Ensenada. Also easy Transportation access north and south but blocked by easy transportation over the Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges.

Marcus Ruiz Evans

President Yes California/ Calexit movement. Interviewed by Politico, New York Times, FOX, WashPost, LA Times, LA Weekly, Sac Bee, Daily Show w/TN, Mother Jones

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