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Would you consider an interview with me, or printing this statement. I am the President of the largest Calexit organization; Yes California.

但这没关系,美国新闻听到了加州-大使馆-莫斯科的谈话,并谈论了很多。 “ 12月在莫斯科设立了一个临时大使馆(他说该大使馆将用来促进分裂主义运动)”
11月13日《深喉咙》将“ Calexit在这里!特朗普当选为加利福尼亚全民公决”
我支持美国的“加利福尼亚独立”#Calexit#,回复加利福尼亚共和国的荣耀! ! !加州人!来吧!


顺便说一句,我们的州长杰里·布朗(Jerry Brown)最近移居中国,以改善与加利福尼亚州的伙伴关系。
马库斯·鲁伊斯·埃文斯(Marcus Ruiz Evans)
总统是加利福尼亚。 Calexit的创始人2012。


If China wants America to stop interfering in its country — asking politely and hoping that America is reasonable will not work.

America is not reasonable. I was born and raised here — I know. That is why California wants to become its own nation — because California people do not see Americans as reasonable.

China needs to show America the cost of interfering in its country — in a legal and peaceful way.

When an embassy for California as a nation — opened in Moscow it got the attention of all American news.

It was not officially an embassy — it was a friendship office.
It was not officially recognized by the Russian government — a non profit based in Moscow offered to provide office room.

But it did not matter, the America news heard California — embassy — Moscow and talked a lot about it. ”set up a makeshift embassy (which he said would be used to promote the secessionist movement) in Moscow in December”

If a non profit opened a friendship office with California independence in Beijing that too would get American attention and let them know that China too can interfere in America’s issues.

Since the Chinese government did nothing officially, and it was a non profit based in China, then this is a low intensity, peaceful, legal, way of getting a message to America THAT THEY WILL LISTEN TO.

2 different Chinese news sources have already suggested this. That is why we are writing this letter.

“Calexit is here! Trump is elected as a California referendum” by Nov 13 Deep Throat

Support for California Independent Stand with California
I support the US “California independence” #Calexit# , reply to the glory of the Republic of California! ! ! Californians! Come on!

I am the president of the largest Calexit organization, Yes CA. Yes California opened the unofficial embassy in Moscow. If we opened an unofficial embassy in Beijing — it will get America’s attention that there is a cost to interfering in Hong Kong.

Calexit people support the right of Hong Kong people to protest for democracy, but we also recognize that America is not helping Hong Kong because it loves democracy but rather because it wants to take this chance to hurt China, and that it is only fair that China shows support for California independence. We are not saying America can’t show support for Hong Kong Democracy — we are saying it is only fair that China can show support for California independence in America.

By the way, our governor Jerry Brown recently moved to China to improve partnership with California.


Marcus Ruiz Evans

President Yes California. Founder of Calexit 2012.

Appearances on TV

Written by

President Yes California/ Calexit movement. Interviewed by Politico, New York Times, FOX, WashPost, LA Times, LA Weekly, Sac Bee, Daily Show w/TN, Mother Jones

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